Free Fallin’! Bungee jumping over the Nile River.

OK, OK. I didn’t jump…this time. I got as far as giving the woman my credit card when I realized I’d probably be a bundle of tears and I didn’t want to embarrass myself.  Bungee jumping is on my bucket list and I hope to have a jump before age 50. I want to jump over Nile so I need to hurry; Adrift may have to change locations and who knows if they will have the Nile High Bungee at their new place.  So, how did I become interested in such a hair-brained idea as Bungee jumping? After all I’m totally not the adventurous type.

The truth is I was interested when I first learned I’d have the opportunity on this trip to Uganda. I was swayed from the idea when a student of mine in New York advised against it, saying it was painful. This kid seemed fearless so if he said not to jump, I wouldn’t. Then the day of reckoning arrived and five of my colleagues decided to take the plunge. My brain assessed the height (44 meters) of the jump and decided it wasn’t so intimidating after all. I still decided it wasn’t for me. I be the great cheerleader on the sidelines. After witnessing my colleagues’s jumps, I got the hankering to give a go. Heck, I like roller coasters and besides, you are bound by the legs-you couldn’t get hurt. I teach my students to be fearless, what better way to live up to that than to hurl myself towards the mighty Nile? While these adventurers of my group decided to face the Nile more directly through Whitewater rafting-I can’t swim so this was definitely out-and I faced the wrath if Adrift’s new speedboat, I contemplated the jump seriously. I considered my students and my own desire for the spotlight. I could see the admiration from students and peers as they watched me plunge 44 meters towards the Nile. It was sweet. Intoxicated with these visions of grandeur, I bravely informed my group of my intentions. They were ecstatic! Ru wanted to bungee jump. They encouraged me. I went to pay for the jump and lost my nerve…sort of.  What really stopped me was not necessarily nerves but this. During the Safari, I decided to overcome my fear of climbing by getting on top of the Matatu we were riding in for a more spectacular view of the animals.  As I was climbing, I stepped and slipped on a loose bar located in the back right window of the vehicle, nearly impaling my lower abdomen on a rusty nail protruding from the top of the vehicle. I had survived that with only a minor cut, what could happen if I jumped? I fought myself back and forth but in the end, decided I might tense up and be hurt somehow. Also, as I stated earlier, I didn’t want to collapse into a bundle of tears.

So, that is the story of my decision of to jump or not to jump.  I’m sorry of some of you are dissappointed. I’ll keep you posted on my bucket list accomplishments. I have included the jumps of all five of my colleagues for your perusal. Some of them I shot at the wrong angle, but I believe they are still interesting to watch. Enjoy!

Ok, so I’m having trouble uploading the video. This will be continued.

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