Help Runita work with former child soldiers in Uganda!

 “Sometimes creativity just means the daily work of helping others see a problem in a different way.”
To those of you who don’t know me, my name is Runita Jones and I’m a graduate student in New York University’s Educational Theatre Department. This summer, I will use my creative talents to help others address problems in new ways. I will be studying and teaching abroad in northern Uganda in a unique program sponsored by NYU and Invisible Children. I am so excited about this trip, but I have less than a month to secure my spot and three months to raise the remaining balance. I am reaching out, In hopes that you will join me in supporting this worthy cause.
Your support is valuable in several ways:
First, you will help a remarkable international organization continue its important work. Invisible Children is a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) that seeks to help Northern Uganda rebuild after years of bitter civil war. Since 2003, Invisible Children has created a  partnership with the Ugandan people by heeding the voices of those who lived through and survived the war. The people wanted to develop initiatives that looked to a future without war. The teacher exchange program arose out of this collaboration and it aims to rebuild Uganda’s schools from the “inside out” by providing professional development opportunities for Northern Ugandan teachers. Invisible Children accomplishes this goal by bringing Ugandan and international teachers together to work side-by-side to explore and exchange teaching methods. Their accomplishments are too numerous to explain here; if you’d like more information, visit their website at .
Second, you’ll help me develop into the best educator I can be. As an instructor, my aim is to acquire a variety of teaching strategies and the Uganda Study Abroad is the perfect vehicle for achieving this goal. As an NYU participant, in addition to gaining credit towards my degree, I’ll develop lesson plans and team-teach classes with Ugandan teachers. I’ll learn how to effectively manage and support overcrowded classrooms with minimal supplies, as Ugandan classrooms typically have one hundred students and scant resources. Most importantly, I’ll test my educational theatre techniques and share ideas and methods,the true essence of the exchange portion of the program.
However, the biggest reward that this journey will offer is the chance to work with former child soldiers of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and children ophaned during the unending civil war. These children have had their innocence stolen and their dreams smashed in a war ravaged region. Education will empower them with the tools needed to forge positive change in their country and develop an atmosphere that breeds understanding and opportunity, not war. Won’t you help them? 
facebook-photo2Please help me raise the $6000 needed to cover the airfare, lodging, meals and tuition needed to participate in the Invisible Children program and help children and teachers in Uganda. My next installment of $1000 is due April 1  and the remaining balance of  $5000 is due by March 1. Donating through firstgiving is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts. Donations to Invisible Children are tax deductible. Please see the posts for futher details. Remember, any amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.
Please forward this information to others who may wish to donate to this important cause.
Gratefully yours,
T/Ex-Runita Jones


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